Possible AUCT Routes

Parking possibilities:

No trail is complete until a reasonable plan for automobile parking is developed. Several possibilities along the Ashland Upper Charles Trail exist. Parking near the trail could include some or all of the following lots: Ashland Community Center, Stone Park, Ashland Middle School, Ashland Reservoir boat launch, Ashland High School, Market Basket (behind the store), Butterfield Drive. Because parking spots at both the high school and middle school are very limited, these potential lots must be discussed with the Ashland School Committee. It may also be possible to develop a new lot off the train station access road or perhaps at the bottom of Megunko Hill.

The following important Ashland locations ideally will be linked by the proposed trail system:

    1. Link to end of Hopkinton Upper Charles Trail

    2. Hopkinton State Park (which is actually located in Ashland)

    3. Ashland train station (via spur)

    4. Stone Park / downtown (via spur)

    5. Ashland Middle School

    6. Ashland State Park

    7. Ashland High School

    8. Market Basket Plaza

    9. Bay Circuit Trail to Sherborn.

Several trail construction options exist:

Ideally the entire trail will be paved with asphalt. If it is necessary to minimize costs, it is possible to build the trail using gravel and stone dust although this surface may be difficult to maintain because Ashland's section of the trail is hilly. The minimum standard would be to construct a trail that would accommodate any kind of bicycle. It is also possible to build a trail with gravel and stone dust and then pave it with asphalt at a later time.


Interactive Maps*

*Note: If you use a navigation app that allows .gpx (GPS Exchange Format) routes to be imported, you can download the "possible" trail listed above by clicking here. This trail is under review by the Ashland Upper Charles Trail Committee and may undergo frequent changes.

Static Maps

  • Possible Trail with Segment Labels

  • Rail Transit District with Spurs

Variation Options