Photo Of The Week

Riding in one of the most scenic areas of New England provides a unique opportunity for our club members to capture the essence of our experience in a photograph. We choose a few each week to share with you.


Yup, she actually caught that fish all by herself. Pictured below, Ashland Bike Club member Karin O. shows off her trophy fish. Rumor has it that her "secret bait" was one of John's homemade scones.


Wednesday,October 4th

Using "Human Arrows" takes its toll. For those unaccustomed to the term, it refers to the practice of leaving a rider at a turn in the route to point out the way to the following riders, so no one gets lost. But the "Arrow" then has to ride especially hard to catch up to her former place in the group. Today we celebrate Ann's efforts as "Arrow Of The Year" with an award plaque and fashionable headwear.

Wednesday, July 28th

Our wildly popular ride to the Scituate Lighthouse from Wompatuck State Park was a huge hit this year. Sunny skies and temps in the low 80's with a gentle shoreline breeze made for the perfect day of cycling.

Saturday, July 22nd

After 30 miles in near 90 degree heat, the club stops in for a well deserved ice cream - and adopts a new mascot!

Wednesday, July 19th

The club takes a scenic detour off of the Cape Cod - Old Colony Rail Trail for a visit to the Chatam Coast Guard Station, overlooking Lighthouse Beach.


Saturday, October 15th

A beautiful warm and sunny day on the Minuteman Bikeway, Number five in our fall Bike Path Series.

Saturday, April 30th

A chilly second ride of the Spring Bike Path Series brings the club to the Shining Sea Bike Path from Falmouth to Woods Hole, Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Saturday, April 23rd

A rainy morning start turned into a delightful sunny afternoon as a hearty group of riders embarked on the first of the "Spring Bike Path Ride Series" along the Blackstone River Bikeway. Here new bike club member Rita Bell rescues a giant snapping turtle from almost certain destruction along the path!

Tuesday, February 2nd

The Ashland Bike Club "Winter Warriors" never miss an opportunity for a good ride. With temperatures hovering near fifty degrees, this dedicated group set out for a quick jaunt to Farm Pond in Sherborn on our "Sherborn Shorty" route. Club member Bruce Wester demonstrates the proper method for riding across the ice.


Thursday, May 21st

Our bike club members sponsored a kayak trip on the Concord River to Fairhaven Bay. This (non LAB sanctioned) event had outstanding weather and a great turnout, including two of the favorite club canines!

Wednesday, May 6th

Our Natick Dam, Pizza and Farm Pond II ride was well attended with some of the best weather of the season.

Starting at Sears in Ashland, this route meanders through some beautiful country roads in Sherborn, stops at the Natick Dam and a pizza place in South Natick, then provides a rest stop at Farm Pond before winding its way back to Ashland.

And after the ride is over, a brief pause for some refreshment. Thank you Carole!

Saturday, May 2nd

Our first away trip of the season was to Ayer Massachusetts for a round trip on the Nashua River Rail Trail. Gathering in the parking lot, we greeted a welcome mix of old friends and new faces. After a brisk morning, the weather turned to true summer warmth as we paused for muffins and pictures at the Hollis, NH recreation area at the end of the trail.

April 29

Our morning sunshine gave way to a blustery and overcast afternoon, as our April 29th ride to Westboro's Sabatini Pizza came to a close. Here we are at the Ashland Farmers' market, making plans for Saturday's ride before we depart.

April 22

With bright sunshine and warm temperatures, our group of spirited Wednesday Warriors set off to greet the new spring cycling season on our famous "Medway Madness" ride. Here we are on Wednesday, April 22nd, pausing at Outpost Farm for turkey sandwiches and some fun in the hay!

April 15

The Wednesday, April 15th ride brought out our first batch of winter weary Wednesday Warriors, testing our resolve on the short but hill abundant "Sherborn Shorty" ride.

With temperatures in the upper sixties, we paused for a brief rest stop at Sherborn's Farm Pond, a club favorite.


The Wednesday, October 15th ride brought us temperatures in the upper 70's. A great day to try out our new version of the Upper Charles River Bike Path. Here we're assembled in front of Lake Louisa, on our way to the newly opened "Missing Link" , and a surprise continuation into Holliston Center via the Holliston Bike Path.

There are few places on Earth that can match the beauty of New England in Autumn. The members of Ashland Bike Club take pride in being able to enjoy the treasures that nature presents, right in our own back yard. These photos were taken on our Sunday, October 12th "Medway Madness" ride, along Causeway Street in Millis.

Our Thursday, October 9, Farm Pond and Natick Dam ride followed a brand new route this week. Stops at our club favorites including Farm Pond in Sherborn and the Natick Dam gave us some spectacular foliage viewing. With temps around 60 degrees under clear blue skies this trip was truly a biker's delight. Click on the photos for a full resolution copy.

In the description for Sunday, October 5th's Bellingham II ride, Joel promised "Seeing the yellow, orange and red foliage against this blue sky backdrop is as good as it gets." Well, here's the proof!

Our Friday October 3rd ride "Reservoirs to the Max : Eastleigh Farm Variation" gave us some of the best treats a biker could hope for; beautiful fall foliage by the reservoirs, and awesome Ice Cream made fresh from the cows milk at Eastliegh Farm.

A bit of fall color greets us during our Saturday, September 27 "Two Causeways, a Pine and a Pond" ride. The very scenic Millis swamp on Causeway Street put on a spectacular display.

The September 24th Wednesday Warrior “Parks, Ponds and Pizza” ride pauses for a rest stop beside Like Whitehall in Hopkinton.

Our Saturday, September 20th bike ride on the spectacular East Bay Bike Path brought us to Bristol Harbor just in time for lunch. Here's a shot of our trusty bikes awaiting our return as we sat on benches munching our hot wrap sandwiches, watching the sailboats and the sea.

Enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather, this group of dedicated Wednesday Warriors decided to add an extra 11 miles onto the "Wayside Inn Grist Mill to Concord Center" ride in order to get the area's best Ice Cream at Kimball Farm in Carlisle. After the 35.6 mile ride, everyone was rewarded with their jar of "Rail Trail Red" wild Concord grape jelly!"

Yes, the day we've all been waiting for, JELLY DAY! Every year, members of the Ashland Bike Club stop to pick wild Concord grapes which grow adjacent to our local bike paths. The grapes are made into our famous grape jelly and distributed to our club members. To get your jar, you've got to come on a ride with us!

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

- John Muir

Once every year, powerful mystical forces gather and lead the Ashland Bike Club on a magical mystery tour. Pictured above are some of those who made the journey on August 23, 2014.

For the August 20th ride, our "Wednesday Warriors" pose in front of Sudbury's Wayside Inn Grist Mill.

Our 26 mile ride took us on a loop to Concord's Walden Pond, with a lunch stop at the fabulous Verrill's Farm.

The Ashland Bike Club wishes to thank EMC2 for the use of their picnic tables and a refill of our water bottles at their Corporate Education Center on Maple Street in Milford Mass. The welcome rest stop fell at the 15 mile mark of our well attended Saturday, August 16th, Bellingham II club ride.

On Friday, August 8th, the Ashland Bike Club members ( in a non-sanctioned social event) traded their pedals for paddles, and set out on a kayak trip along the Charles River. Beginning at Millennium Park in West Roxbury, the trip traversed "The Long Ditch" in order to follow a six mile loop through historic Dedham.

The "Massachusetts River" ride of August 3rd brought together this crew after a morning rain delay. Everyone is waiting patiently, posed in front of the South Natick Dam - before devouring a box of fresh baked scones!

Our July 23rd trip to the Shining Sea bike path. Pictured (left to right) John, Pamela, Joel, with Woods Hole harbor in the background.

On Saturday's "Reservoirs to the Max" ride, the club makes an unscheduled landing at Marlboro Airport, where Derek gives us a demonstration on how to fix a flat. Four times.

Saturday's long ride pauses for frozen yogurt at the Taffy Cafe in Dover center.

Autumn (2013) Group outing to the Blackstone River Bike Path

Join us for our next summer trip to the Shining Sea Bike Path!