Frequently Asked Questions

If I can ride with you any time anyway, why should I become a member?

We welcome your company whether you decide to join or not. The advantages to becoming a member are that you are covered by our club insurance policy, you are eligible for discounts at participating area bike shops, and you get a free jar of John's awesome "Rail Trail Red" Wild Concord Grape Jelly, made from grapes picked along the trail. See, I told you we were laid back.

If I ride with you, do I have to wear those skinny spandex bike clothes?

No, definitely not. We don't care what you wear as long as you're safe and comfortable. Many of our members prefer blue jeans or shorts, and sweatshirts or Tee's. Nothing loose or dangling though, that might get caught in a bike chain or cause other safety issues. Bright colors are encouraged for visibility by traffic, and closed toe shoes or sneakers are a good idea. Helmets are required, by everyone.

So why do you see so many bikers in those skinny bike shorts? They have special padding in the "seat contact area", and are designed to wick sweat away from your skin to keep you more comfortable. Want to know more about bike apparel and technical clothing? Come talk to us. We answer in plain English, not techno-speak. And we can talk for a long time.

Do I have to be a member to go on a ride with the club?

No, not at all. We welcome everyone to ride along with us. If you enjoy the company and our laid-back style, If you are passionate about New England scenery and have an interest in supporting safe cycling and multi-use recreational bike paths, you may decide to become a member and join us on our regular rides. If you like ice cream, that helps too.

I haven't ridden a bike in years. Will you go too fast and leave me behind?

No, no one gets left behind. A senior club member will always stay with you, and generally a group of riders with similar experience levels will adjust their pace to stay together. Hey, we like to talk. And yes, we will walk our bikes up the big hills with you if you like.

I don't think I can ride very far. How far do you go?

Typically the rides are designed with both a short ride loop for those who prefer a little less exercise or are tight on time, and a longer loop for more experienced riders. The short ride is generally in the 10 mile range. To put that in perspective, riding the Milford Upper Charles river bike trail from the parking lot to the Rt16 terminus is 4 miles, or an 8 mile round trip. The longer ride usually continues to about a 25 mile loop.