Education Center

In the Ashland Bike Club's "Education Center", we try to bring you information to enhance your cycling experience. You can learn about many aspects of bicycling including numerous safety tips, riding more efficiently, the mental and physical benefits of cycling and much, much more.

A Guide For Bike Riders

Whether you're looking for the most scenic bicycle trails around the world, a local cycling club to join, safety information for new bicycle riders or historical information on your beloved bicycle, you can find it here!

Core Strengthening Video Series

This video series, derived from cyclist Tom Danielson's book "Core Advantage", provides an excellent overview on how to develop your cycling muscles for fitness and injury prevention.

Is It Time to Replace Your Chain?

A worn bicycle chain can wear down expensive gears, cause shifting problems and, in the worst cases, can lead to injury. Learn how to determine whether it's time to outfit your bike with a new chain.

Is Your Bike Computer Accurate? - by Joel Arbeitman

Do all the bike computers on your club rides show the same mileage except for yours? Should you go out and buy a brand new one to solve the problem? Is your computer usually "close" but not quite right? This article explains how to set up your bike computer to get the most accurate information possible.

Taking the mystery out of bicycle gears - by Joel Arbeitman

How many gears do you need? What size should the gears be? Is it possible to change the existing gears on your bike? Would different gears make it easier to climb the hills? Check out this article to learn more.

"Smart Cycling" Safety Videos

Where should you be positioned on the road? How should you inspect your bike before every ride? What traffic laws apply to bicyclists? The League of American Bicyclists has put together a great series of videos.

The Mental Benefits of Cycling

Grow Your Mind! Exercise is like fertilizer for your brain. All those hours spent turning your cranks create rich capillary beds not only in your quads and glutes, but also in your gray matter. This article shows you how cycling can increase your brain power.

Do We Really Want Bike Lanes?

Are bike lanes the answer? If more are built, will more people cycle? The answer may surprise you.

Video: Dear Motorist

Cyclists reach out to car drivers to help them understand the love we have for our sport and to ask for more attentiveness on the road.

Video: Is Your Bike Lock Safe?

What would it cost you to replace your bike if it were stolen? Is your bike lock good enough to give you the protection you need? This video shows you what works ... and what does not.

Slow and Sweet

From the article: "Increasingly, my own standards for evaluating a ride had less to do with how fast I went than with how much I enjoyed myself." This article gets to the very soul of the Ashland Bike Club. We're not a slow-riding club because we're weak; we ride slowly because it's more inclusive and it allows more people to ride with us.

When to Replace Your Helmet

The Ashland Bike Club requires helmets on all club rides. Helmets, however, have become a somewhat expensive cycling accessory. Do you need to replace your helmet every few years or are you wasting your money? If you hit your helmet on the ground during a crash, is it time for a new one or should you decide based on the damage you see? This article gives you the information you need.

Disconnected Kids

Kids who are chauffeured everywhere are losing out on some important skills. "It turns out vehicular traffic does something else, too, more subtle but equally pernicious: It changes the way children see and experience the world by diminishing their connection to community and neighbors."

Doors that Kill

Have you ever heard of the "door zone". This article provides just one simple tip that could save your life. "For the person on the bike, staying out of the "door zone" by riding farther from the line of parked cars is the best solution." It's the driver's responsibility to look for cyclists before opening a car door; it's the wise cyclist who takes care of themselves.

A Philosophy of Bicycling

"Bicycling does something positive for the world ..." Cyclists ride bicycles for all sorts of reasons. This article lifts up our sport to the place it rightly deserves.

How to not get hit by cars

"This article shows you real ways you can get hit and real ways to avoid them." If you read nothing else on this website, read this ... and then read it again ... and again. If you ride on the roads and you don't understand everything in this article, stop riding on the roads until you do.

Traffic Skills 101: A free online course

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) offers you this spectacular, and free, online safety class. Do you really need a pep talk to take it? Just click the link, register and you're good to go. Do a little at a time and you'll become a much safer cyclist before you know it.

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